Support & Development

Our staff is one of key to our success, but so is our methodologies and support systems.


All new employees undergo a rigorous recruitment process, followed by a planned programme of personal assessment, training and development. At CSI Ltd., we have established a special recruitment process for applicants, distinct from regular security standards. Our policy includes Mandatory Drug Testing, Physical Assessment and Background Checks of all our applicants. Only individuals of a very high calibre are accepted into our program.

Training and Development

Our training programme is based on a paramilitary model. We equip our training recruits with the basic knowledge and skills necessary for them to serve our clients with distinction and professionalism. All recruits must successfully complete CSI Ltd.’s standard training program before assuming active duty.

CSI Ltd.’s training department employs some of the top professionals in the industry. These include experienced members of the Trinidad & Tobago Regiment Special Forces Unit, Trinidad & Tobago Police Service Training Academy, and the Special Anti-Crime Unit of Trinidad & Tobago.

Specialized training

Our Specialist Oil and Gas Training for Security Personnel training programs were custom developed by our in house Oil and Gas Specialist. We understand that this critical industry has special needs and are ready to meet the needs of this sector.

Quality Assurance

Our commitment to quality is driven by our Quality Improvement Process, which provides a methodology for defining the service we are to supply, monitoring performance and delivering customer satisfaction. This process ensures best practice and continuity of service and ensure clients’ objectives are being met. It provides a platform for ongoing improvement and development of the services we provide.

Safety Health & Environment

We’re fully committed to HSSE given its inherent high risk operations. Our Operations Integrity Management System allows us adapt to most threatening situations with the minimal risk exposure to our personnel according to industry best practice. In addition to paramilitary training, our officers also undergo rigorous training that conforms to local HSSE regulations.

Our Security engineering controls ensures that our staff members are equipped with the necessary safety apparel to suit their working environment.
With us, it just standard practice to engage clients on critical areas of HSSE.


We like to think of those we've worked with as effective business relationships! See below who we’ve work with: we prefer to say "ongoing relationships we’ve formed".

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