Core Services

Manned Guarding

Collateral Security and Investigations Ltd. has extensive experience in providing Manned Guarding resources, servicing a diverse range of operations including:

  • Financial and other Banking Agencies
  • International Port and Mariner Facilities
  • Corporate Businesses
  • Industrial Plants

The services we provide cover all aspects of security including guarding your premises, assets and people from acts of vandalism, theft or personal assault and can also assist with the control of visitors to your site and any special events.

Mobile Security Patrols

Mobile Security Patrol services can be utilized to protect a wide range of environments including, factories, warehouses and storage sites, offices, leisure facilities and development sites. The resource could also be shared effectively by a number of individual businesses operating in the same location such as business or retail parks.

Access Control

Our team of fully trained, professionals operating and guided by the Police Supplemental Act, are available to provide access control for public houses, clubs, public events, private functions and any location where monitoring and control of access is required.

Our trained personnel understand the need for professional human conduct as governed by law as well as other legal and human considerations of the premises where assigned. We also understand the need for up to date awareness of drugs, drug abuse and staff are qualified to administer first aid. We’ve covered all contingencies possible as part of effective access control.


Legacy Services

Collateral Security and Investigations’ (CSI) agents are guided by the Ministry of National Security to perform their designated activities. We are also regulated by the Police Supplemental Act in providing the following services to our clients.

  • Maritime Security
  • Banking Security
  • Supply of Baton Officers
  • Supply of Firearm Officers
  • Executive and Dignitary Protection
  • Threat Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment
  • Protection - Compound K9
  • Protection - Officer and K9
  • Explosive Detection
  • Narcotic Detection
  • Security Consultancy Services
  • Digital Surveillance Systems
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Private Investigations/Back Ground Checks for Employment
  • Closed Circuit TV & Camera Installation and Monitoring
  • Alarm monitoring and Response

Special Services

We offer a full suite of security consultancy-based services to our clients. Our consultants are some of the best in the industry, and as such, CSI Ltd. is able to penetrate very highly specialized environments that demand unique security services.

Our goal is always to eliminate any security threats that may exist ensuring our client confidence that they are operating in the safest environment.


CSI Ltd, in its responsive mode, can offer world-class crime scene investigation services to our clients. These services include covert surveillance, fingerprint and DNA recovery, comprehensive investigation reports supported by video and still media, and crime scene sketches. Notably, our forensic recovery methods are consistent with local national requirements.

Banking and Finance

Within this sector, image is important. As such, the selection criteria for officer deployment in the Banking environment is intended to convey a courteous, strong, professional, security presence. For us, courtesy to our client and their clients is a focal point of the training and eventual deployment. We think our long association with the local banking sector speaks for itself.

Aviation Security

Our company can provide specialized expertise training to its staff in alignment with the Civil Aviation Authority (C.A.A.). We’re capable of providing staff trained to conduct:
  • Security questioning at check-in
  • Full body searching
  • Baggage searching and screening
  • Set up and control of temporary restricted zones
  • Access control to aircraft
  • Aircraft searching
  • Aircraft and cargo guarding

Also surveillance of ancillary areas such as

  • Perimeter fence and access points
  • Vehicles and equipment
  • Maintenance areas

Executive Protection and Bodyguard Protection Services

Our trained and highly qualified bodyguard protection teams have been selected to provide the highest level of professional personalized protection for our clients, safeguarding the individual, their families and their assets with ultimate efficiency, courtesy, discretion and awareness.

Our solution suite includes all disciplines of close protection such as long term bodyguard support, covert protection of individuals, ad-hoc escorting for special events and journeys and general chauffeuring of key personnel and visitors

International Port and Mariner Facilities

Our team can provide fully trained and certified International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) agents to operate at International Port facilities. The strictest Access Control procedures are operationalized in this environment as laid out in the ISPS code.

Special Events

Collateral Security and Investigations Ltd. is able to provide additional officers for special events. For this service engagement we do need at least forty-eight (48) hours prior notice to ensure your best customer care is realized.

Incident / Accident Investigation & Analysis

Our company has the full capacity to provide Incident / Accident Investigation and Analysis as an independent, third party service which adds the element of objectivity to the overall process.

Our specialist Crime Scene Investigations Division ensures that the appropriate techniques are utilized in, identifying sources of evidence at the scene, preserving evidence, evidence visualization and documentation.

We are capable of applying all the methods of accident analysis of varying degrees of complexity that provide strategies for future incident prevention.

Pre-employment Background Checks

Companies engage new recruits on a regular basis. We can perform full background check on individuals identified for recruitment. We’re fully aware of varied behavioral elements of potential recruits that may mitigate against your business if hired.

Engaging our company, we utilize best practices throughout the process and our client is provided with a comprehensive report to be used as part of their staff recruitment decision making process.


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