Safety Tips

  • As much as is possible, always walk in groups. It is very effective in terms of safety.
  • Be always aware of your surroundings. This will help release a chemical in your body that will make you calm .
  • Do leisure walking in daylight. If you need to walk at nights, we advise you to probably go with a friend, a car or a taxi in daylight and use the shortest safest path to your home.
  • Know where the nearest police and fire station are, and how to get there as soon as possible.
  • Its best to have an emergency mobile phone hidden somewhere at least keep key numbers outside of your phone in case you cannot access it. Phones are great, but they can be stolen and you can be stuck. 
  • Always walk erect with your head up. Stand up straight! This shows anyone who targets you that you are confident. Research has shown that criminals are more likely to target those who give the image of being vulnerable.
  • Don’t be afraid to scream. You might just be heard in a moment of need. 
  • You’ve got to be party. Sure! But remember you’ve got to go home too! Be sober when travelling and be aware your surroundings.
  • Watch your alcohol consumption when you know you have to travel.  Alcohol slows down brain reaction and therefore dramatically decreases your awareness.
  • Be careful of the transportation you use, particularly late at night. If in doubt travel only with friends or let suspect vehicles go.
  • When going out, tell a roommate or friend where you're going and the approximate time you expect to return. Whenever possible, travel with a friend, or better still, with a group of friends.
  • Carry a whistle or similar type of noise maker. In the event of an emergency, the sound may scare off a would-be attacker. Unless you are properly trained, carrying mace is not recommended.
  • Keep purses and packages tucked securely between your arms and body. Don't overload yourself with packages and bags when in lonely areas. It is distracting and can make you look defenseless.
  • Carry only what you need. Don't carry a large amount of cash or numerous credit cards and avoid wearing flashy and excessive amounts of jewelry.
  • Take special care when jogging or biking. Vary your route, go with a friend, avoid isolated areas and don't wear headphones.
  •  Exercise caution when using ATM machines. Only use ATMs located in well lit, well trafficked areas. Those physically located in stores are the safest.

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